Embassy of the United States of America

On the 28th of October, the ambassador of the United States of America to Hungary, Colleen Bell, gave a speech on the current situation of the American-Hungarian relations. The Association of Diplomacy in Practice assisted the organisation of the event and received a cordial invitation from Her Excellency to visit the embassy.

On the 7thof December, 30 member of our Association were welcomed by Ambassador Bell, First Counsellor Eric Watnik, Second Secretary Darrin Kowitz, and Program Assistant Anna Katona. The casual meeting was held in one of the conference rooms of the embassy, where Mr. Watnik and Mr. Kowitz gave us an inside look into the office’s everyday life. They shared their experiences in Hungary and in the diplomatic world, and mentioned the future challenges of the USA’s Foreign Service.

Not long after our arrival, Her Excellency Colleen Bell joined us as well. We discussed her well-known speech delivered in October, which had significant effects in the Hungarian media. She told us what life is like as an ambassador, and what her aims are for Hungary.

We sincerely hope that this site briefing did not only help the cooperation between the Association and the Embassy, but that it also strengthened Hungarian-American relations.