Gábor Szentiványi – Diplomacy in Practice

The first lecturer of the spring term was no other than Gábor Szentiványi, who we had the chance to meet before. During his lecture, the well-known serious professionalism – that we’ve already seen – was just as importantly present as his kind openness and honesty, which usually emblems the atmosphere of our courses and closed-lectures. It would be rather difficult to sum up briefly, why this one and a half hour was interesting – the ex-ambassador shared his personal experiences with our audience, made his observations even more colorful by the events he witnessed while delegated, and still, the whole speech and talk was kept professional and practical at the same time due to his up-to-date knowledge and expertise on international relations. Other than all this, he also studied at Corvinus University of Budapest (under a different name back then, of course), which made him being able to give our audience a handful of advice on career choices as well, with special emphasis on those who study international relations and/or studies – therefore we can say that the lecture was just as useful, as entertaining.