V4 + Serbia Simulation, Belgarde

Our Association had taken part in the V4+ Serbia Simulation in Belgrade sponsored by the Visegrad Fund. Our Association was represented by its former and current presidents, Fadi Shadeh and Dániel Paschek. The program’s main goal was to simulate the operation of the Visegrád Four cooperation.

The representatives of our Association arrived in Belgrade after a comfortable flight. They experienced the warm Serbian hospitality and the the exquisite organization of the event from the first minute on. On the first day, the participants got to know each other as they took part in a sightseeing tour followed by a great traditional Serbian dinner in a so called “kafana” (traditional Serbian restaurant with live music).


The next day primarily took part in the Embassy of the Czech Republic. The Ambassadors of the V4 countries opened the event and held lectures on the operation and actual questions of the V4 cooperation.  After the lecture of Pavle Janković in the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, every delegation had lunch with the representatives of their own Embassy. Thanks to the informal conversation during the lunch the teams could get to know their delegation’s standpoint better. In the afternoon, the teams continued their preparation for the Simulation. The day finished with the country presentations. Every delegation held a presentation on their country’s culture and history.  

The simulation itself took place on the third day of the event. The delegations had a debate on the resolution of the migration crisis and the EU accession process of Serbia. After the presentation of the standpoints, and resolution plans, the delegations started to find a common position on the mentioned questions. Despite the several clashes of interests, at the end of the day the delegations agreed on a common standpoint. The negotiations were followed by a simulated press conference, where the “newsagents” answered the questions of the “press”. On the closing ceremony held by the V4 ambassadors, the members of our Association had the chance to have a meaningful conversation with the Hungarian Ambassador, Dr. Attila Pintér. The conversation wasn’t only very informative in prospect of the Serbian-Hungarian relations, but it highlighted the beauty of the life of diplomats.


As a final note we can say that the event was more than successful. The participants could deepen their knowledge on the V4 Cooperation, they could improve their negotiating skills and they had the chance to get lost in the amazing Balkan spirit of Belgrade. However, the biggest achievement of the program was that the participants had the chance to get to know each other personally and professionally, to understand each other’s country much more.