Team building, Spring 2016

On Friday, 15 April 2016, the members of the Association of Diplomacy in Practice departed for Velence to spend a teambuilding weekend at the lake.

After the free programme of the first afternoon, in the evening the emphasis was laid on getting to know each other a bit better. The participants of the camp were divided into two teams, and they had to figure out which song describes whom in the camp. Then the quizmasters read out long forgotten Facebook posts from circa 2010, and the players had to guess which member these posts belonged to. Furthermore, we had a professional task, when we had to name as many countries of the world as we could within five minutes.

On Saturday, we headed out to the town of Velence in order to get to know it a little bit better by filling out a questionnaire that included serious and not-so-serious questions. After finishing this task, outdoor cooking of chicken goulash followed. In the evening, after the windstorm calmed, we splashed down on board of a dragon ship called “Süsü”, enjoying the wonderful sunset on the Lake Velence. This teambuilding programme was followed by a revolutionary innovation, an offline version of “Honfoglaló” (Triviador), the hugely popular online game. After answering several professional questions, the winning team got hold of Diplomaki, the new mascot of our Association, and can keep him until our autumn trip when we expect to play another round of this fantastic game.

On Sunday morning we left Velence with a whole lot of memories, and it is safe to say we got to know each other even better than before. We would like to thank the organizers and all of the participants for this unforgettable weekend!