First meeting

The first meeting of the Association of Diplomacy in Practice from the point of view of one of our new members:

‘Our Association held its first meeting of the semester on the 5th of October. Being a new member in the group I was quite curious about what is going to happen. What kind of people will I meet? Are the members helpful? What kind of professional programmes should I expect during the semester? I received a positive answer to all of my questions.

When I arrived to the meeting, I could experience that the atmosphere was pleasant and that everybody was chatting with each other in an easy manner. Then, we listened to the programme – what is waiting for us, what can the Association offer to us. We could get to know first the profile and the short history of the Association and after that the professional programmes were introduced, which we were going to organize, also the actual topics which were aimed to be analyzed thoroughly. The main topic for this semester will be Brexit.

The camp, which was organized between 07.10-09.10, was also mentioned. The goal of it was to bring the members closer to each other. Furthermore, we could have a look at the working groups, operating within the Association, which are quite colourful and multifaceted. Every one of us had the chance to find in which were they interested the most. Being a ’freshman’ in the Association, all I can say is that I am really looking forward to see what will happen in this semester.’