Debate club – Syrian conflict

On the 20th of October, the second Debate Club of our Association had been organised, where our members got the opportunity to share their opinion and views regarding the Syrian conflict. The participants of the Debate Club discussed their thoughts in two groups in the mentioned ‘hot topic’; one group made their arguments in favour of the Assad Regime, while group number two was against the Regime and would rather prefer liquidating it. The whole debate was viable due to the eight complex questions related to the Syrian conflict. In this way, the participants could share and probate their interests in different aspects, whereas the answers and notions resulted in huge contradictions between the two groups. The Debate Club provided a great opportunity for our members to develop their soft skills, especially in the area of negotiation techniques. At the end of our Debate Club, a consolidation seemed to have appeared between the two groups; in spite of the contradictory opinions, a cooperation between the participants started to form.  The atmosphere of the Club was so positive that our members had some problems to complete their speeches in time and perhaps they could have continued debating and ‘fighting’ for their views for long hours.