Embassy of the Republic of Austria

On the 24th of October some members of our Association visited the Austrian Embassy in Hungary, where Dr. Ralph Scheide, the Austrian Ambassador greeted us. There we organised an informal discussion, while we had the opportunity to ask the ambassador about actual political and economical problems and cases, and he expressed his point of view and remarks related to these questions. First of all, one of the fellows of the Embassy gave us a short presentation about the longlasting and traditional austrian-hungarian relations by telling us some statistics and historical facts, followed by the Ambassador’s opening speech about the same topic.
After that there were questions in a very variable scale, so we were able to get a lot of information of many relevant cases related to both countries, for example we talked about the presidental elections of Austria and the migrant crisis, which had a significant influence on the relationship between the two states. We also asked the ambassador about the global role and the challanges of the European Union, the possibility of a common European army, the priorities of the EU foreign policy, expending the electoral rights, or the political activity of the younger generations.
The discussion was continued by some interesting topics too, like a conception, which says that the present day states of the former Austria-Hungary will make a stronger alliance within the European Union (it turned out that it is propably just fiction), or like an other question which was courious of how the freedom of speech functions in european democracies. Of course we got a picture of the avarage day and duties of an Ambassador, and, in the end, our host, who was very helpful and kind during the whole event, asked some little questions from us too, while he mentioned the importance of the German language and of the education of other foreign languages.
I think that our visit at the embassy was a very useful event both from a professional and from a social aspect , and it helped our Association to get lots of new and practical experiencies.