FAKT Debate club

Our first debate club with FAKT Technical College had taken place on the 27th October 2016. We were conducting a discussion on superpowers of the world during this event in English. We made our positions in mixed groups created by the two organisers, in different topics.

The economic power, the political influence, the United States’ influence after the Cold War and now, the development’s possibility, and ambitions in the People’s Republic of China were on the list of subjects to be debated.

The questions asked by the moderators created the main part of the discussion, thus every group had 5-10 minutes to take their position, before convincing the other groups. The clash of different standpoints lead in effect to some pretty heated discussions, while every participant stood their ground and their professionalism. In this semester, our third debate club provided opportunity to try out and ameliorate our ability to negotiate, to exercise and to develop our use of English in practice.

The Association of Diplomacy in Practice therefore expresses its very special thanks to FAKT Technical College for the collaboration, while hoping that many similar events will be organised in the future.