First professional day

Besides gaining theoretical knowledge and deepening that, our Association also puts a significant emphasis on practical implementation as well. This is the reason why courses, debates, and lectures processing different topics are also held.

We organized our first professional day in the light of practicality, where the main topic was Brexit, one of the most important questions today. The applicants were divided into groups of 4-5 and they had to answer questions dealing with different aspects of Brexit. These aspects were the following:

  • economical effects and results
  • effects on the EU
  • changes within foreign and security policy
  • effects and possible changes within England

Groups working on the same topic had to present how they have processed the questions and after this, they had to prepare for a presentation containing both groups’ ideas. The work of the groups was checked and followed by professional observers, which was tremendously useful, because the participants could get objective feedback on their work and also get a glimpse of a professional opinion. They will be able to use these suggestions later, in their future studies.

To sum it up, it can be stated that this day was extremely useful, because the participants could gain not only lexical knowledge, but also had the chance to practice the different kinds of skills such as researching, teamwork, negotiation techniques, and presenting.