Islam and Islamism in the Middle-East and Europe

On 7 December our Association held its semester-closing lecture entitled „Islam and Islamism in the Middle-East and Europe”. We had the honor to welcome Dr. Zsolt Rostoványi, our University’s former rector as our lecturer.

Nowadays, lots of misconceptions and questions have emerged in connection with this topic, therefore the purpose of Dr. Rostoványi’s lecture was to eliminate the generalization about Islam. Many people talk about wars going on, but should we really consider Islamism as a threat to Europe or is it the extremist media that tries to convince us to think a certain way about Muslim people? Is Islam a coherent system which influences the behavior of its believers, or should we try to see real people behind the religion? We had the opportunity to hear answers to these, and many more questions during the lecture.

Moreover, our lecturer talked about the religious, civilizational and political aspects of Islam and about the possible interpretations of Quran.

By the end of the event, the most difficult question came into play: could we reform Islam? Dr. Rostoványi’s opinion states that the answer is yes. Recently, many reform ideas had begun to emerge in the direction of decentralisation and regularisation as well.

Taking everything into consideration, the real conflict is not between Western and Eastern civilization, but between radical and moderate Islam. The solution to the conflict can only arise from the unity of the West and the East, but this can only be achieved if we are more open-minded.

This event was not only special because of its topic, but because we have invited Dr. Zsolt Rostoványi to become an Honorable Member of the Association of Diplomacy in Practice. We would like to say thank you again for accepting our title, it is a great joy for all members of the Association!