Olympic Debate

On the 22nd of February our Association co-organized the Olympic Debate along with Law students’ Self-educating Organisation (Joghallgatók Önképző Szervezete). Our honourable guests were András Fekete-Győr (President of Momentum Movement) and dr. Balázs Fürjes (Government Commissioner responsible for investments in Budapest). The moderator of the event was Gábor Gundel-Takács. The debate was one of the most special ones in our Association’s history: not only because several prestigious Olympic medalists have attended, but also because the Hungarian government announced the withdrawal of the 2024 Olympic bid during the event.

The event was part of a program series called „Atomvita” organized by JÖSz, a Hungarian Students’ Association led by young law students. The main goal of the series is to provide a platform, where the most urgent Hungarian issues can be discussed in front of a young audience consisting of university students. Despite the fact that our Association’s profile involves mainly foreign policy issues, we were extremely delighted about being the co-organizers of such event. As a Hungarian organisation, it is our duty to support events where Hungarian young adults can broaden their horizons about the most relevant political questions in our country.

The host and moderator of the debate was Gábor Gundel-Takács, an honorable media personality and sports commentator. We also welcomed Áron Szilágyi, two-times Olympic fencing champion and Ágnes Kovács, Olympic, World and European swimming champion amongst us.


The debate started with the opponent’s speech, where they had to draw up their statement about the Budapest 2024 Olympics in ten minutes. Afterwards, a debate section had begun during which the opponents could further emphasise their views by reacting to one another. During the debate, the main argumental points were  the possible economic consequences, overexceeding the financial framework and the chances of a referendum. At the end of the discussion the debaters answered the questions of the audience.

Meanwhile, a sudden twist interrupted the debate: the Hungarian government announced the withdrawal of the 2024 Olympic bid. The audience had the opportunity to see the first reactions of the participants in real life.

Although the outcome of the Olympics in Budapest has turned out during the debate, we still had the chance to draw conclusions which we all can benefit from in the future. The debate was a once in a lifetime experience for most of us, since a part of the Hungarian history was written in front of our eyes.

We would like to thank our guests for accepting our invitation once again, as well as JÖSz for cooperating with us. We hope that we can continue working together in the near future.