The Association of Diplomacy in Practice was founded in 2007 by students of the Corvinus University of Budapest to balance out the limits of theoretical education. By now, our association has expanded the variety of its programs and has become the College for Advanced Studies of Diplomacy in Practice (CASDP). The purpose of our College’s effective operation is not simply to gain academic knowledge, but to retain practical experience in the field of foreign relations and diplomacy.

At the College for Advanced Studies of Diplomacy in Practice we believe that practical education is not only necessary, but quite indispensable for achieving future goals in the professional field. The organized and even multiple programs enable students to improve their practical skills by representing robust aspiration. According to the philosophy of our College, this unique opportunity is incomparable to university studies and has a profound importance to ensure its appropriate functioning.

In order to enrich our members’ life, we wish to organize the following programs:

  • Open Lectures: These are open to the public and are organized usually twice a year, to open, and to close the school year. During these lectures, the presenters discuss a current diplomatic or international event.
  • Closed Lectures: These lectures are solely for our members. Usually, they are more familiar and casual; thereby, the atmosphere facilitates easy networking.
  • Site Briefings: Our members visit different embassies and international organizations’ headquarters in and around Budapest. During these visits, they have the opportunity to gain insight into the institution’s operations as well as to learn about the leader’s life, experience and the work’s joys and challenges.
  • Professional Courses: Our course system focuses on the introduction of various fields of law, diplomacy and skills trainings, often with the contribution of experts and diplomats. Leaving the traditional frame of professor-led courses, our courses are aimed at giving a better understanding of protocol, international and regional affairs in a less formal, entertaining way, though providing analogous and comprehensive materials.
  • Debate Clubs: Different lecture focused on debates are held once a month on a topic of foreign policy, where participants can expand their knowledge and advance their debate techniques and arguments.
  • Simulations: The simulation of different international organizations’ meetings (e.g. UN, BRICS), contribute for further improvement of the so-called “soft skills” fostered by debate clubs, also provides an insight to the organization’s structure and operation.
  • Protocol: In collaboration with the Rector’s Office of the Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations, our association has been assisting in more and more ceremonial events at the Corvinus University of Budapest. Such events include several honorary doctoral awarding ceremonies, conferences and lectures.
  • Protocol Competition: Annually, a delegation of the CASDP represents our association in the International Communication, Behavioral Culture and Protocol Competition. In the last two years, our delegation won the first prize of the competition.
  • Trips: Members go on a joint trip twice a year, on a freshmen introductory camp and a weekend at the end of the school year.
  • Annual Banquet: An event to maintain the connection and bridge the generation gap between the active members of the CASDP and the alumni.
  • International Network: By now, the CASDP managed to build up an international reputation, and setting up partnerships with international affairs related student organizations around Europe.
  • Workshops: a usually brief intensive educational program for a relatively small group of people that focuses especially on techniques and skills in a particular field, for instance in the field of protocol
  • Cultural programs: Different cultural events are held in order to get insight in the field of cultural diplomacy and to broaden our member’s mind in this area.
  • Initiatives related to social responsibility: The aim of the initiatives is to raise awareness related to the importance of representing social responsibility between the community of Colleges in Hungary in order to enhance the interoperability for future-oriented development.

The purpose of our programs is to establish group work, for improving further communication and debate skills, arguing techniques, social network, and to gain knowledge on different fields of diplomacy and foreign relations.

Our College is open to any opportunities, which may facilitate in achieving our goals by collaborating and making further strenuous efforts. Thus, our members will benefit from an extensive educational platform in which, experience-based perspectives will affirm our members’ commitment.

Should you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us at